Friday, 25 November 2011


The air did not prick me.
It was something else. Something that was dancing on my nerves, haunting my breath.
The chill was rummaging just my mind.
Memories came flooding, telling me I was alone now.

At the exit I turned, full of self-pity, solitude.
The vast airport made me angry, as did people awaiting the arrival of someone.

How come the world had actually left me forlorn? Where were those who claimed they loved me?

"Sheraton Atlanta Hotel?"


Ah, this silly little girl!
:) :P

Friday, 21 October 2011

Point taken. Point kept.

Life is difficult when one looks for intent and motives. For meanings and patterns. For too much.
I=one. I more than anyone.
It is poetic to say how one does not understand oneself. But it is painfully plain when one confesses the problems of fathoming those around. 
I gesticulate too much with my hands. I am a bundle of uncalled-for moods and inverted beliefs. Believe me please when I say I hate Chelsea. Trust me when I say I wish your good. Put up with me when stupidity bores me. I am mad. :-p
This smile and this frown come together to me in trying to drive my point home. Drive it safe. But I wish I do not trample peace on the way home. I hope it keeps us company. 
People matter at the end of all roads. They are the destination beyond all motives, beyond the whims of all journeys.
There are atoms of affection all around us. Let them meet and quarrel. :-)

Saturday, 25 September 2010


I am fond of distance. Not too much of it. Not too little. The kind that lets you walk happily towards your destination. That saves you from being overwhelmed with absolute presence. The Here and Now. You can breathe.
Often while travelling, especially in trains, I locate a small, far-off home and wonder who lives in it. What's the story of their life?
Aircrafts still baffle me. They are heavy.
I can forget a route a dozen times. But, I try.
I would love to know what frogs are thinking just before it begins to rain. Do they actually know whats to follow?
Grand as it might sound, I really put myself into others' shoes. So much so, that I stop talking. Lest most of ME might sound offensive to THEM. Complicated.
It irritates me when people do not laugh at my jokes. I am bad!
Nothing amazes me more than people who do not like ice-creams.
A good conversation makes my day. And I can live on words for years. I always wish they understand me THAT very way. Alas!
Will I remember all the faces later? Those that I see around me now? We shall find out...